Connections (2013)
Photocopies, acrylic and spray paint on wood
40 x 70 x 36 in.
Installed at LinkedIn Corporation, San Francisco.

“Connections” is comprised of a large, asymmetrical wooden form, based on on a LinkedIn InMap, and presents itself as a single, physical object with audacious visual presence. The object’s surface was built up with multiple layers of black and white drawings that Wallace re-purposed from an earlier work and multiplied using digital technologies. Protruding from the surface, and in contrast to the background of flat line and space, are fluorescent, curved rods representing “connection paths”.

The value “Relationships Matter” at LinkedIn is about building meaningful connections, based on trust and collaboration, where we are all working towards one goal. Tied together by luminous, three-dimensional “connection paths”, Wallace presents us with a real-life object, in a massive state of transformation, based on the relationships within it.

Ultimately, this conceptual piece raises our awareness that relationships are the foundation our life and work, and enable allow us to experience personal and professional transformation.