Transformation (2013)
Photocopies and acrylic paint on wood
Installed at LinkedIn Corporation, Mountain View, CA.

In an artwork inspired by LinkedIn, Brett Wallace explores the idea of a network and the exponential power of its relationships.

The installation consists of three large, asymmetrical wooden forms. The work abandons imagery and, instead, presents itself as visually bold and physical objects. These objects create a paradox for us because they present themselves as actual things that exist in real life while representing the invisible network we interact with.

The surfaces of each object were built up with multiple layers of drawings. You can see thousands of lines and shapes, depicting nodes and connections, splashes of flat color that collide with black and white shapes and random handprints. These elements all contribute to the scale and presence of these objects and create a surface tension that highlights the contrast of the analog vs. digital experience. The surface patterns were made up of only a few, unique drawings which were digitally reproduced in mass quantity to highlight how quickly a network scales.

Standing before this installation, we are reminded that we are all a part of networks, largely unseen, but fully present in our lives.