My practice explores work, technology, and the greater economy.  Specifically, investigating technology’s impact on labor and how artists labor in contemporary society. The lines of inquiry in my practice include how are new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and new platforms shaping work? How will workers, especially those who have been marginalized, have a voice at the table, and how will they be re-skilled for the road ahead?

My work is socially committed and spans writing, photography, video installation, and performance. Recent exhibitions of my work followed the rise of algorithmically managed labor platforms, such as Uber, the impact of  AI (artificial intelligence) on truckers,  and Amazon’s nationwide search for an HQ2, listening to workers, theorists, politicians, city planners, and citizens marginalized by the changes reshaping work. The exhibitions are composed of physical, material work stations, each of which includes video essays in documentary and experimental forms, that critically examine the changes underway in the landscape of work.

Other projects in my background that have shaped my work include AMAZING INDUSTRIES, an ideological startup and research engine that opens a dialogue about work and technology. And, my ongoing interview series, The Conversation Project, which dives into the practices of writers and artists centered on issues around art, technology, and culture.